Group Workshops

Looking for an interesting and educational activity for your group or club?  Consider one of Longue Vue’s many workshops, which can be arranged to fit your schedule.  A minimum of 10 people are required for workshops. Workshops start at $25 for members and $30 for nonmembers.  Contact Summer Duperon at 504.293.4720 for more information on booking your workshop. Below are the current workshops Longue Vue offers:


Container Gardening Presentation

Join Longue Vue’s Gardening Staff as you view images from our archives detailing the use of potted plant displays through Longue Vue’s history. Get inspired to use your own sense of style to create interesting and useful container plantings. A garden tour is included.


Shakespeare and the Garden

What would Shakespeare have done? With our Gardening Staff as your tour guide, learn about the Bard’s favorite plants and how they enhance Longue Vue’s gardens. The workshop includes making nosegays and a garden tour with Shakespeare in mind! Did you know? Nosegays are small flower bouquets, typically given as a gift. They have existed in some form since medieval times, when they were carried or worn around the head or bodice.


Wildlife Gardening at Longue Vue

Enjoy a stunning display of images from Longue Vue’s wild life: birds, caterpillars, butterflies, bees and moths. Gain an understanding of exactly which plants to grow in order to interact with your own garden creatures. A garden tour is included. Did you know? 20,000 known species of bees are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains flowering plants.


Beyond the Vase: Creative Container Arrangements

Join Longue Vue’s Gardening Staff in this hands-on flower arranging workshop for beginners and experts alike. Guests are encouraged to think creatively in choosing a container to bring—arrangements aren’t just for vases anymore! Fresh flowers and cuttings from our gardens will be provided for your design experience. Comfortable attire is recommended for this outdoor workshop. Did you know? The art of flower arranging dates back to sixth-century Japan.


Beyond the Vase: Succulent Wreath Workshop

Create a gorgeous succulent living wreath to enjoy all year round! Join Longue Vue’s Gardening Staff for this hands-on workshop. Participants will first select from a variety of succulents and then learn about plant placement and wreath care. All materials are provided, but guests are encouraged to bring their own clippers and gardening gloves. Comfortable attire is recommended for this outdoor workshop.


Beyond the Vase: Unique Terrariums

Create a living garden in an unusual or antique vase or glass jar!  Think creatively in choosing a container to bring--and don't forget about the top!-- while joining Longue Vue's Gardening Staff in picking plants to add to your terrarium.  Participants will create a foundation in their terrarium and choose from a variety of plants, all while learning about plant care.  All materials are provided except the container.  Comfortable attire is recommended for this outdoor workshop. Did you know? The world's largest terrarium, built in New York State in 2000, is over 12 feet across and contains 22 separate gardens.


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